"People who can stand at the intersection of humanities and science are the people who can change the world"

Edwin Land to Steve Jobs

Digital tools for human evolution

Our promise

We develop digital tools that allow people to further their self-development by cultivating their knowledge, projects, passion and human relations.

Applications to help us do the things we love.
Fun to use, so we can delight in doing what we do.
Original enough to inspire us to thought and action.

Guiding our vision towards a digital evolution of humankind.

Our Ideas

The cornerstone of every Virtual Circle creation is the person, unique in their individuality,
a social being who communicates with others and expands their horizons.

Each individual achieves their growth and personal evolution in three fundamental areas of activity, mirrored by our projects:

Our promise
Me, myself and I

The relationship
with oneself

Me and others

with others

Me and other things

What nourishes
the mind and spirit


Managing your life
a tool to understanding yourself and acting towards achieving your dreams, desires, projects, and personal self-development goals


Relating to others
A diary of awareness of your choices and the ways you relate to others, so you can nurture and evaluate your personal growth


Managing your digital content
A tool for living in your digital world and managing content of value to your life: music, images,video,audio, literature...

The first two projects are in their conception stages, whereas Epicentric is already online:

Live your digital universe the way you want

Live your digital universe
the way you want


A private space and a Powerful Media Station
to Collect, Organize, Enjoy and Share Any Digital content.

A private space
and a Powerful Media Station
to Collect, Organize, Enjoy and Share
Any Digital content.


A different kind of vision

We're not interested in creating products for the mass market.
We're looking to satisfy people's need for unique experiences, and providing digital tools that each of us can apply in a very personal way.

Our technology has been crafted to spark that active and creative intelligence that drives people to do, to choose, to learn and to experience by following their own internal “algorythm”.

All of Virtuous Circle's tools are designed to fulfil a human being's essential needs and desires by:

enjoying profound experiences that infuse one with energy
being the architect of one's growth, with awareness and freedom
making a connection with one's self and discovering one's unique qualities
connecting with others and interacting in an authentic way

An openhouse lab

We're the first to make use of our own innovations.

We adore the courage of pioneers, their visionary imagination and the proactive tension that creates the scenarios of the future.

Virtuous Circle is a creative lab open to whoever wishes to contribute to our projects.

Digital Humanism

Un nuovo umanesimo

Technology is a wonderful gift of our human intellect. But this doesn't automatically make it a gift that's always good for us.

Today, our technological reality often does not carry us to true evolution, but tends to erode away our humanity instead:
it makes the mind lazy, it puts relationships on the back burner, and it makes us accustomed to living passively.

If we want to reverse this trend, to allow humankind to reclaim its awareness of every change that happens,
we must choose to take a different direction.

Quality of life vs Technological progress

If it improves people's lives, then it can be called progress.

Instead of a "technological progress" that induces psychological enslavement, causing us to unwittingly conform to so-called “inevitable" changes in our lives, we choose technology that serves the human being.

Freedom of the soul vs Mind Control

Each of us has the right to take possession of the free and sacred space of our inner world.

Your mind should be unassailable.
Rather than put up with the meddling with and intrusion into our minds, we choose technology that makes people aware.

Free choice vs technological stalking

The individual must be the driving force on his or her path to human growth and evolution.

Instead of the harassment and invasive siege of information, mass suggestion and trends, we choose the technology that favors research, evaluation and free choice.

Profound experiencing vs Superficiality

We live on enriching experiences, which engage and instill us with energy.

Rather than a world which drains away the spice of life with stereotyped, trivial actions and watered-down interaction, we choose technology that helps enhance every human activity.

Interaction vs Isolation

We need human relationships and authentic sharing.

Instead of the dehumanizing individual isolation and misguided interplay that leads to collective voyeurism, we choose technology that promotes meaningful interaction between people, and safeguards the precious quality of our private space.

Human Intelligence vs Artificial Intelligence

We are considerate and productive beings, both curious and creative at the same time.

Rather than the centralized artificial intelligence over which we have no control, that takes over and replaces us, "deactivating" our mind, making it lazy and passive, we choose technology that kindles our attention, awakens our analytical capacities, incites our ability to accomplish, and arouses our imagination.

Uniqueness vs Standardization

Every single human individual is fabulously unique.

Instead of placidly accepting central algorithms that churn out "choices", answers and advice which are the same for everyone, we choose technology that helps everyone discover, develop and express their own uniqueness by creating their own personal universe.

Our vision Our vision

Invest in human evolution

The current trends tied to the use of digital technologies are imposing new habits on us and redefining our way of life, the way we all think and act, as well as on the up-and-coming generation and those of the future.
It is possible to critically analyze and evaluate these changes, and pursue infinitely superior alternative paths.

Virtuous Circle is committed to seeking a better quality of life for humanity by creating technological tools useful to achieving that aim.

If you share this goal and can contribute to our work, we encourage you to do so.

We are reaching out to philanthropists, philosophers, human sciences scholars, scientists, computer specialists, designers, digital technology pundits, communication experts and free-thinking souls...

You can support our projects in various ways: through financing, scientific support, professional contributions, or in other productive ways.

Let's promote human evolution together.