Who we are

Virtuous Circle is a team of people, who, more than being professionals, believe in the potential of humankind and want to help it fully express itself.
We are not code creators, but we use code to give life to ideas.

Virtuous Circle is our creative laboratory that allows us to carry out our vision of the world and humankind. Virtuous Circle is the tool that we use to express ourselves, one step at a time.

Virtuous Circle is not your usual Start Up that, having formed an idea, searches for the tools to carry it out.
Virtuous Circle was born in 2014 out of a precise vision of humanity and the world, a vision that led to the formation of ideas and projects, one of which was executed completely independently.

Virtuous Circle represents clear vision, determination, creative capacity and personality.

Virtuous Circle creates and shares virtuous circles.


We believe in humankind and want to be able to reestablish it as the focal point of the world, particularly from a technological point of view.

We believe that technology should serve human evolution, which is why we are proud to create “software for human development”. Technology should not cancel out mankind, but it makes sense to use it if has the ability to strengthen humankind’s role and its capacity to create, discover, grow and evolve.

We are committed to developing technological “tools” capable of advancing these processes of evolution

We think that a central algorithm that works in the shadow of an ignorant humanity simply cannot make humanity grow. We want people to enter, manipulate, build and become aware of their “internal, individual algorithm”.

We help people to create their own world, allowing them to express their specialities, personality, creativity and uniqueness. We want them to be able to do this to the best of their abilities.

We feel the growing need to share, and we are certain that humankind can find the deep sense of this intimate, enriching experience once again, and in doing so, will once again find itself in this process of exchanging with others.

Our Products

Epicentric is a revolutionary tool focused on the impact of multimedia files in people’s life.
Epicentric is online at www.epicentric.world

Rooms creates intimate spaces to communicate and share.
Room is one of the most interesting fields of application of virtual reality.
Rooms “on the road” brings back all this into reality.

Your personal diary to follow, develop and cultivate relationships with others.

A tool that has great ambition to help people to realize their dreams, setting and measuring goals and personal improvements.
A powerful tool of self-coaching.