"People who can stand at the intersection of the humanities and science are the people who can change the world"

Edwin Land to Steve Jobs

Some people are different

Some people are different

There are Latent needs in humanity...

There is a need of significance in the highest sense: Significance as a specialty, uniqueness, feeling to exist and be able to choose.
There is a need to do, create, build.
There is a need for deep, intimate and authentic sharing.
There is a need for discovery and awareness, a need for growth, for progress, for evolution.

There are people who want to go beyond the "mass" tools and rituals and ready to take responsibility for their own path of growth.
Our products are designed for them.

"Higher needs need superior tools"
- Luigi Romano

Who we are

Who we are

We are free thinkers and we want to analyze the current context with awareness of the past human journey, in order to draw scenarios for the future.

We have the courage to be pioneers and we want to channel extraordinary ideas and make them land in this world for the benefit of people.

Each of our products stems from the burning desire to make it for ourselves, and we are therefore the early adopters of everything we do.

We are not interested in making mass products, we are interested in making extraordinary products.

Virtuous Circle contains the conceptual focus, our analysis of the context, our vision and values, and is the lowest common denominator of all our projects.

Virtuous Circle is a creative workshop open to anyone who wants to help us to design tools for human evolution.

Our Vision:

Our promise

We believe in human being, and we believe that technology has a reason to exist only if enhances the power for creation, discover, growth and the evolution of every individual.

We therefore want to bring the human being back to the center, and make sure that he comes back to being the aware engine of every change.

With Virtuous Circle we want to contribute to the birth of a New Humanism.

Our promise:
Design tools for human evolution

Our vision Our vision

Many companies work to create central algorithms that operate behind the scenes of an ignorant and increasingly passive humanity.

We believe that this does not help human evolution.

We want instead to bring each individual in to his own self in spite of everything that surrounds him and we want people to be in the control room of their own inner algorithm, thus creating their own personal universe.

We therefore commit ourselves to design and empower continuously tools which goal is to help people to become aware of their latent needs, to stimulate and inspire them to act, to strengthen their ability to create, discover, grow, to accompany them on their journey of evolution.

Our Projects

A revolutionary tool that helps you make the most of your multimedia files in your life.
Epicentric is online at www.epicentric.world


Your diary to follow, develop and cultivate relationships with others.

Sharing Spaces

Everywhere you are in the world find a place to connect to others, learn, broaden your horizons.

Dreams, desires, goals, projects, personal improvements.
A tool to manage your whole life.

Current Trends and us

Who we are

Technological progess Vs. Quality of Life

Our vision Our vision

Sombeody says: "technology brings inevitable changes".
We answer that nobody can force us to adopt products and services, and change our lives.
Technological progress must serve mankind, not the other way around.
Beeing aware of the impacts (also social and economic) that follow every technological innovation, we have the duty and the power to decide how we want to live and choose what is functional to our well-being and to our evolution.

Mind Control Vs. Soul Space

Our vision Our vision

Faced with the intention of entering our mind to control, understand and foresee our every thought and action, we claim the right of every individual to a private and inviolable space.
With our products we want to make people aware of this space and bring them into it.

Stalking Vs. Free Choice

Our vision Our vision

In front of the prevailing media stalking we choose free research and conscious choice.
With our products we want every single individual to be the engine of their own path of growth and evolution.

Superficial Vs. Deep Experience

Our vision Our vision

Faced with the growing cut and drying up of life experiences, we choose to focus and fully live every human activity.
With our products we want individuals to experience full, energizing, deep experiences.

Isolation Vs. Human Interaction

Our vision Our vision

Faced with the growing de-humanization of experiences and isolation, we choose interaction and connection between individuals.
Faced with the idea that everything of us must be made public and the voyeuristic virus that spreads around the world we choose the preciousness of a private space.
Our products promote deep, authentic, intimate sharing.

AI = Artifical Intelligence Vs. HI = Human Intelligence

Our vision Our vision

Faced with the centralized and uncontrolled use of artificial intelligence and the tendency that sees and contributes to make people increasingly passive, relegating them to the role of mere consumers, we choose instead to believe in human potential.
Aware that our brain develops when we have active control, we create products that awaken the focus, the analytical capacity, and the creative power of each individual, stimulating and pushing them to do.

Unicity Vs. Massification

Our vision Our vision

Faced with the tendency that sees us and wants to make us all the same, we believe that each individual is fabulously unique.
Our products want to help everyone to discover, develop and express their uniqueness.

Join us:

Join us

These trends are progressively imposing new habits, and defining the way of living and thinking of the younger and future generations.

It is therefore necessary to take the responsibility to trace different paths and offer a better vision for humanity.

We call to action

Philanthropists, Philosophers, Sociologists, Anthropologists, Economists, Programmers, Designers, Communication Experts and any free thinker

asking you to support our projects

through financing, work contributions or in any other way you find useful.

Invest on human evolution!

Write us, tell us about you and about your possible contribution!